Radiogram by N2SHO


Since I started handling traffic about 2 months ago, I was faced with a problem that was really troubling me: having a pile of hard-copies radiograms that I received, originated and/or relayed over the air with no practical way to organize them.

I always wanted an easy way to search among my radiograms for messages that I received, message I sent, or messages that I am yet to relay over the air.

Being that I am also a software developer beside being a ham operator, I developed this tool that I would like to share with all the traffic handlers: “Radiogram by N2SHO”, or simply:

Radiogram is a FREE on-line tool that will work on your computer, or smart phone. Nothing to download or install.

Radiogram will help you organize and easily find all your traffic messages. you can list all your messages, or you can choose only the messages originated from your station, only messages addressed to you, or simply list the ones you worked on during a specific time-frame. Radiogram also makes it easy for you to find the messages that you are yet-to-deliver - You won’t lose your radiograms anymore.

Radiogram is also smart.
At the end of each month, and using the information you enter for each traffic message, Radiogram will automatically generate the SAR (Station Activity Report) report for your station. With a click of a mouse, you will be able to count all your originated, received, sent, and delivered messages. All you will need to do after that, is to simply relay this information to your section traffic manager. Be the first to report.

Although Radiogram is fully functional now, I will continue adding more and more features to it as time goes. I am always open to suggestion, feature requests and/or comments. If after you check radiogram, you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at

As I mentioned, Radiogram is free. I will keep and continue to maintain this tool as long as I have happy traffic handlers using it.

Visit Radiogram now:


73 de N2SHO