Kenwood TM-V71A


I just bought today my KENWOOD TM-V71A Dual-Band VHF/UHF radio. I believe I had it for a very good deal ($280 while usually ~$360, thanks to the Black Friday discounts).

The radio is a very nice radio, that can do EchoLink, Cross-Band repeat, receive on both bands simultaneously (VxV, VxU, UxU).

I will do a full review for this radio after I use it for enough time. However, here are the specification for this radio:

Frequency Coverage


  • 118 – 524 MHz
  • 800 – 1300 MHz (excluding cellular band)


  • 144 – 148 MHz
  • 430 – 450 MHz

RF Power Output

5/10/50 Watts on Both VHF and UHF with 50Ω antenna impedance.

Dual Receive On Same Band (VxV, UxU)

In addition to simultaneous receive on both VHF and UHF bands, this radio can receive two frequencies on the very same band. This means, for example, that you can have both the call channel and local channel, or the repeater channel and local channel, on the same band.

Choice Of 2 Back-light Colors

To maximize visibility, the back-light color for the large LCD panel can be switched between warm amber and cool green.

1000 Multifunction Memory Channels

There are 1000 split memory channels for storing essential data such as transmit and receive frequencies, frequency step, and tone frequency.

Plus an additional 10 for programmable scan. You can identify each channel with up to 6 alphanumeric characters (Memory Name function). Additionally, memory data can be edited and stored on a PC using the optional PG-5G programming interface cable and MCP-2A Memory Control software

Five-In-One, Programmable Memory

For extra versatility, the TM-V71A has a programmable memory that can store five entire operating profiles, ready for instant recall at the push of a button. Each profile includes such settings as display mode, frequency range, and memory mode. It can equally be used to switch between 5 VFO frequencies.

Multiple Scan

As well as VFO scan, program scan, MHz scan, memory scan and call scan, the TM-V71A offers memory bank scan: the 1000 channels are grouped into 10 banks for selective scanning. Also featured are scan resume (time-operated, carrier-operated, and seek), memory channel lockout, tone scan, CTCSS scan, and DCS scan.

Invertible Front Panel

For greater installation convenience, the detachable front panel can be inverted so the transceiver can be mounted upside down, thus ensuring that the speaker is not obstructed.

104-Code Digital Code Squelch

In addition to CTCSS (42 sub-tone frequencies), the TM-V71A is equipped for DCS (104 codes). Whatever code is chosen, the squelch will only open for reception if the other party uses the identical code.

Weather Alert/RX (US only)

This transceiver is capable of receiving the NOAA Weather Band and responding to emergency transmissions such as storm warnings by emitting an audible alert tone.


73 de N2SHO